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Mac OS X Microsoft has officially halted development of its Windows Media Player for the Mac and plans no future Apple Computer versions of its music-playing software, CNET has learned. "It's basically a business decision for Microsoft," Anderson said. "Like any other company, we have business priorities. Our focus really is in delivering the best experience to Windows customers." Instead, users should now use this, which has a few problems though, according to some Mac users.
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Good to have a final answer
by Brad on Sat 14th Jan 2006 03:18 UTC
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Its been bugging me for a long time if there would be another update for WMP for Mac. They MS woman at the keynote the otherday sorta implied it was dead.

I don't understand the hatred of WMP here. Yeah, its a bit bad on windows. But the mac version was rather nice and clean. The only problem with it is it hasn't been updated in years, thus lots of files just don't work in it, and lots of internet WMP dependent files never work. But thats the fault of not being updated, not the the way the current WMP is.

OSX also doesn't play nice with it. If its a file that both QT and WMP support. OSX refuses to let WMP open it.

Quicktime is fine. My only real issue with quicktime is that everytime you open a video, it keeps it at its native size, instead of retaining the size of window you already had opened. So you have to continually re-size the QT window over and over. That was something nice about WMP, it got that right.

I don't know why people suggest VLC. I don't care if something supports everything under the sun. It has a awful interface, its not a replacement for anything until it gets a nice interface like QT or WMP.

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It doesnt refuse to let WMP9 play it you just highlight the file, go to "file" menu and select "open with" or if you have a 2 buttoned mouse just right click the file and select "open with"

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Thats what I'm talking about. OSX won't let it do that. The only files it will allow WMP to try and open are WMV, and ASFs.

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