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KDE "Recently at a Linux show, John Littler saw a preview of a new version of KDE running on a KDE developer's laptop. The interface looked cleaner than before, and apparently there was a whole raft of new stuff under the hood. John recently interviewed KDE developer Aaron J. Seigo about the forthcoming KDE 4 (due in the fall) and also a little about the recent controversy surrounding the porting of KDE to operating systems other than Linux."
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Screenshots / Video?
by mkools on Sat 14th Jan 2006 19:40 UTC
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Anybody? I can't wait to see this ;)

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RE: Screenshots / Video?
by Dr-ROX on Sat 14th Jan 2006 19:55 in reply to "Screenshots / Video?"
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From the interview:

"JL: Any chance of a sneak screenshot?

AJS: Not at this point, sorry."

To early for this...

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RE: Screenshots / Video?
by Morty on Sat 14th Jan 2006 20:04 in reply to "Screenshots / Video?"
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Not really much to see, since most of the work done so far are the porting to Qt4 and refactoring of the core libraries. The visually exciting and screenshot friendly part of it will come after most of the infrastructure are in place:-)

That said you can do lots of cool stuff with the new Qt, like it's native SVG support. So if you use your imagination, perhaps you can think of a way to use something like this in a usefull way for a desktop.

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