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Debian and its clones "This interview was conducted with Martin F. Krafft, the author of 'The Debian System'. Despite Debian GNU/Linux's important role in today's computing environment, it is largely misunderstood and oftentimes even discounted as being an operating system which is exclusively for professionals and elite users. In this book Krafft, explains his concept of Debian, which includes not only the operating system but also its underpinnings."
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Another "Debian was my first" users here
by snozzberry on Wed 18th Jan 2006 23:30 UTC
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About a year ago I got a spare GX1 to test Linux on (and purchased another used for home) and installed Woody on them, using network connections. I felt the installer was crude and wasted too much time asking me about my video/mouse HW when other OSes (and Debian LiveCDs like Knoppix) were capable of detecting them.

Even reinstalling Sarge stable this week I had to manually configure the video and mouse to get the X server to work. This is appalling when the SuSE installer manages it by itself. Fortunately this time Debian was able to correctly detect the legacy Vortex sound chip. Unfortunately I still had to install CUPS just to get access to a network printer and while the startup detects USB thumbdrives, KDE and Gnome do not.

Once the system was installed, and reset to KDE, it's a fine system to work with. For my money Debian's largest strength is that it can be configured as all kinds of OS: desktop, server, liveCD, even DSL on 64M thumbdrives.

But installing it is a hassle, whether from a net install or the 2 DVD set, and Debian developers need to understand that a framebuffered installer that looks just like the curses-based one isn't an improvement. Human interface guidelines are not a strong point with Debian's core development team. Ubuntu is somewhat better about this, but the tradeoff is flexibility (try installing Firefox 1.5).

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