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FreeBSD "For software that's been around since the late '70s, before any of today's more popular operating systems, open source BSDs (in their current avatars) don't get their due share of hard disks. FreeBSD, one of the first BSD flavors to emerge from the 386BSD project, is a Unix-like free operating system based originally on the BSD branch of 386BSD and later 4.4BSD-Lite. This makes BSDs more like traditional Unixes than Linux. Late last year FreeBSD unleashed release 6.0, with better support for 64-bit and wireless hardware. Here's our review."
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RE: Documentation
by dikatlon on Thu 19th Jan 2006 00:00 UTC in reply to "Documentation"
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Well, isn't gentoo gnu/linux a customizable operatingsystem?

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RE[2]: Documentation
by dikatlon on Thu 19th Jan 2006 00:07 in reply to "RE: Documentation"
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Anyway, Gnu/Linux is the most userfriendly secure desktop operatingsystem out there.
But for geeks it maybe doesn't turn out to be good.

Btw, I am n00b when it comes to FreeBSD. I have not much experience. I know there is something called linux binary support. I do code quite much with the Qt4 toolkit and are somewhat dependent on that. Is it enjoyable to code/use it with FreeBSD?

One more thing. You seem not to like gnu/linux or the linux kernel at all - do you argue that the whole gnu/linux, linux community is living a lie? I mean do you think it is a joke? Don't you respect Linus Torvalds and other big players who has done things around gnu/linux? Hope you don't get mad ;)

I don't want to personally jump on you - I am so curious. Cause you seem to be so HARD on this question.

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RE[3]: Documentation
by Tom K on Thu 19th Jan 2006 02:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Documentation"
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Most user-friendly secure desktop operating system out there? I think not. Ever play with OS X?

Anyway, if you're a Linux guy switching to FreeBSD, you won't have too hard a time as long as you've spent time in the terminal before. If you're a clickety-click Ubuntu/Fedora/Mandrake/etc. guy, you will hate FreeBSD, so don't even bother. There are differences, like where some files are kept, how configuration of the system is accomplished, how compilation of kernels is done, but once you read the handbook, it all makes sense, and you will find yourself preferring the BSD way over the Linux way. Where Linux feels like a mish-mash of methods with no thought about organization, FreeBSD is organized through-and-through.

Linux binary support in FreeBSD is basically a stripped-down set of Redhat libraries/configuration files, and a kernel component, that allow you to run most Linux binaries on your FreeBSD system.

And no, I do not like Linux very much. I could write an essay about why I don't, but it can be more or less summarized with "lacks direction, lacks organization, lacks a concrete set of specifications as to where what should go". What I hate more is the fanboys who don't see anything past Linux. They claim it's the greatest thing on Earth, all while ignoring the downfalls. I hate these people.

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