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Debian and its clones "This interview was conducted with Martin F. Krafft, the author of 'The Debian System'. Despite Debian GNU/Linux's important role in today's computing environment, it is largely misunderstood and oftentimes even discounted as being an operating system which is exclusively for professionals and elite users. In this book Krafft, explains his concept of Debian, which includes not only the operating system but also its underpinnings."
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Thanks for your answer, madduck.

I only programme in whitespace (apt-get install whitespace), my "window" manager is GNU screen on a vt52 terminal and a dot matrix printer, and I use ed for all the editing, of course.

Mh, okay, not funny. python / ion3 / vim
I *hate* Perl.

I didn't see most of that coming... The GNU screen thing was a bit obvious, though... :*D That's what we do when we like to get things done.

I know there's a sort of religious discrimination between the perl people and the python folks. IMO, the python folks have got it wrong. Perl is not really that much more difficult and perl is simply better (IMO). It should be perl all the way, As Far As I'm Concerned. But have it your way -- even if you're dead wrong, IMO.

In time you'll learn the error of your ways. I'm sure of this. In the end you'll finally see the light. Python is not bad (I'm not saying that) but you can do so much more with perl... :-D

Ion3 rules big time. Tuomo Valkonen is a visionary, there's no doubt about that. GNU/Linux needs more visionaries like Tuomo... GNU/Linux needs to be *Better* than any of thr alternatives. Let's make it that way. :-D

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