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Apple "Since the first rumors of an Apple switch to Intel, everyone has been wondering about the potential speed of Intel-based Macs. Last week's announcement of the first shipping Intel-based Macs brought with it the promise of a major speed boost: Apple's Web pages suggest that the new iMac, powered by the Intel Core Duo processor, is twice as fast as its G5 predecessor. Macworld Lab's tests do show that the new Intel-based iMac is faster than the iMac G5 when running native applications. However, we found that those improvements are generally much less than what Apple claims is a 2x improvement in speed."
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The Intel CPU has more processing power than the old CPU in an iMac, but it uses two processor cores to get it.

Were all the benchmarks multi-threaded applications capable of making good use of two CPUs?

A lot of those benchmarks would appear to be disk limited anyway so you aren't going to see performance improvements due to the CPU.

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