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OSNews, Generic OSes GNU/DOS 2006, the latest version of the FreeDOS distribution, has been released. New features include an easy installation/upgrade, package management utilities, the MTXE screen saver, Arachne GPL version 1.89, OpenGEM Release 5, vim 6.4, and other updates. Download it here.
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Sorry, you're way off. You should have read the article better. We're not talking about MS-DOS, we're talking about GNU/DOS 2006 (FreeDOS). It's compatible, but that's about it. No MS-DOS code, I think.

We're talking about Linux, you're talking about *nix. ;)

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dude... GNU/DOS is an OS in and of itself.

so, can you run servers on it?

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There are several server packages for it, some a lot better than others. Check for example:

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When I referenced Linux and *nix, was a metafore... apples and pears? He was talking about DOS, but FreeDOS is different beast. It's compatible, but that's it.

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