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Morphos Genesi has launched their EFIKA developer's program. The EFIKA is a "performance evaluation board based around the MPC5200B PowerPC system-on-chip from Freescale Semiconductor" The only thing you need to do, so it seems, is post a possible use for the EFIKA board on a thread on
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I think the Efika is a great design.
It will open a new market to the PPC.

- Its a complete computer which is powerfull enough
for doing serious work.

- Its small and very appealing to computer geeks.
Everybody likes those small cute devices. ;-)

- In addition to this it could be sold to many
people as a tool like a video recorder or settop box.

- It could be really inexpense. Being inexpenve it will open the PPC market to many more people than the Mac or Pegasos did.

- With the Openfirmware Linux and MorphOS should easely run on it.

- MorphOS is fast amd slim. I would make a nice and fast OS for the Efika.

- No one can denie that Genesi did an excellent job in promoting the nice but niche OS MorphOS.

- The Efika could give MorphOS and even AmigaOS4 new momentum. With a low price it would be an ideal tool to run those OS.

There is a huge potential for cheap, low power computers. Today in my company a few collegues complained about that their computers are to load to view movies with them. In no time ten people talked about and they all expressed that they look for another silent computer for movies and music playing.


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