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BSD and Darwin derivatives There are a lot of options in the Free UNIX market at the moment. Everyone's favorite buzzword is Linux, and Sun is in the process of releasing Solaris under a Free Software license. One family, however, receives less attention than it is due. Berkley Software Distribution (BSD) has grown into almost a complete replacement for UNIX, with numerous enhancements. David Chisnall explains why the BSD family has found its way into a large number of systems and what these systems can do for you.
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RE: Short-sighted and nothing new
by DeadFishMan on Mon 23rd Jan 2006 02:49 UTC in reply to "Short-sighted and nothing new"
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1) all BSD's are performant, portable, and secure.

Donīt want to start yet another flamewar, but I donīt think that any of the BSDs are regarded as excelent performers when compared to most other OSes, with the slight exception of FreeBSD which is highly optimized to the x86 platform, but even then, it canīt touch Linux performance-wise (on the 2.6 series, that is).

But then, I donīt think that performance is everything on an OS experience and Iīm looking forward for a time when Iīll have enough spare time to install and play with FreeBSD. From what Iīve been reading about it, Iīm sure that Iīll enjoy it a lot.

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"it canīt touch Linux performance-wise"

That is a seriously ignorant statement.

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Those are pretty big words coming from somebody who's never used Freebsd. I do love how you don't use any facts to back up your statements. Oh and please don't give me performance marks from 1 to 2 years ago. That and I'd like to see performance marks from somebody neutral, not somebody from the linux side of things. Oh and can we not have a flamewar inside another bsd topic please, it's getting rather old. Both Os's are great and should both be used, zealotry won't help either side in recruiting new users.

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I tried Crux, Arch, Mandrake/Mandriva, Debian and [K]Ubuntu with various WMs and even custom compiled kernels. Now.. let's compare speed.

Bootup with KDE on Linux ~1 freaking minute.

Bootup with KDE on PCBSD ~20 seconds.

But alright I hear you shouting "bootup speed is nothing, everyone can tweak it blah bla" well.. no the linux kernel boot speed is low. Other services can be turned off but the linux kernel will simply boot slow. You can custom compile but it's still going to be slow.

But for sake of clarity let's forget bootup speed.

General WM (let's use KDE as the typical CPU/Mem hog) performance.. same story. KDE starts faster on PCBSD too. And that's precompiled. So please drop the gentoo argument. General responsivness is great I feel like in a usable system again. And now.. why did I try so many Linux distroes? Mostly because of speed and packaging problems.

I for one am not a big fan of ports. It take ages and sometimes things brake because something cannot be updated during portupgrade -a etc. I think for example that apt-get is much better. But performance-wise I find BSD better. I did some basic tests with compilation speed the difference there was lower but still I saved about 5 seconds from 30 on PCBSD compared with Kubuntu with just KDE running. (PCBSD compiled the stuff in 29 secs, kubuntu about 34 on average from 10 times)

Flame war continues ;)

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"Flame war continues ;) "


Have a nice day ,

please continue downloading and using our free software on your kernel and improving it , keep testing our distribution and reporting on them. We apreciate all the help you give us.

- Moulinneuf

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