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Humor "Here's a question for you: what have the Nazi wartime test facility at Peenemunde and the Australian city of Perth got in common? Well, the first thing (and just about the only thing, truth be told) which springs to mind is that they are both next to large bodies of water. This is useful if you're going to test things which might go bang. Like V-2 rockets and - wait for it - flying cars."
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RE: Easy
by raboof on Mon 23rd Jan 2006 23:13 UTC in reply to "Easy"
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Personally I think the explanation previously given by Rinnan is more plausible: there was probably another car parked there for considerable time, which left the black patch behind when it was removed. It would be a pretty shitty location for an advertisement, and it'd need to be pretty damn high, looking at the shadows of other stuff on the picture.

Anyone who lives near the place around? ;)

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