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Legal "DRM is a lie. When an agenda driven DRM infection peddler gets on a soapbox and blathers about how it is necessary to protect the BMW payments of a producer who leeches off the talented, rest assured, they are lying to you. DRM has absolutely nothing to do with protecting content, it is about protecting the wallets of major corporations. The funny thing is they aren't protecting it from you, they are protecting it from each other."
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There's a fundamental difference between digital content and "real world stuff". Digital content can be copied with next to zero cost, a book or skill saw can't.

Now, let's for a minute imagine that it was possible to copy a skill saw. Would you consider giving a copy to your neighbor to be "fair use"?

I'm not supporting DRM. I just wanted to point out that digital content is a very special form of merchandise. "Information Rules" by Chapiro and Varian is an interesting read;

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There is a fundamental difference between lending a single copy (say a book) that can only be read by one at a time, and making a copy of something. Would it still be fair use to photocopy a book you like to give to your friend?
To let someone copy something is not lending it them. and to copy a whole CD from a friend is hardly fair use is it? one track, previews of tracks ... but an album (even a single) is a Full Work - wholesale copying is against the law (most places)

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