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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Ubuntu has become increasing popular amongst many Linux users, especially users trying Linux for the first time. Just why is Ubuntu so popular? I'll explore some of its features and distributions this month, including Kubuntu and Edubuntu, and try to find out."
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Personally, I have used Kubuntu 5.10 for a while. While I do believe those who claim it's stable as a rock, it's definitely not what I have experienced. In my case, the system itself was fine (no kernel panics or freezes) but I got crashed with various KDE applications (Kaffeine, Konqueror, Adept, Krita and some KDE games). That said, most of them were segmentation faults, so it might just be some compilation flags (since I don't remember having these issues with other distributions, save for the games).

system-settings isn't that bad, but its localisation was not complete. Basically, I got frenglish. Adept got to be the worst package manager I have used. I'd rather have to deal with aptitude. There are some customisations here and there (lipstick theme, a space between minimise/maximise and close), but I would agree that it's pretty much "as is". But now that Mark is using Kubuntu, perhaps improvements will speed up!

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