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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Distrowatch reports that a new beta version of Mandriva Linux 2006 appeared on the mirrors over the weekend. Like the first one a week ago, the new beta release, labelled as 2006 0.1.1, has not yet been officially announced, but the good news is that the mirroring problems we mentioned in last week's DistroWatch Weekly have been solved and the new release is now available from the usual Mandriva mirror sites. OSDir has a handful of screenshots.
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purple and a humming sound
by butters on Mon 25th Jul 2005 22:13 UTC
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Is it me or is the former DistroWatch page hit giant slowly dying? I looked at the osdir shots (aside: I don't know how they get so many shots so quickly and serve them so efficiently, excellent job) and it looks pretty good (for a KDE desktop). Did Mandrake/Mandrakelinux/Mandrakesoft/Mandrakeclub/Mandriva finally succeed in killing its community?

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RE: purple and a humming sound
by on Mon 25th Jul 2005 23:10 in reply to "purple and a humming sound"
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I know what you mean, although I wouldn't descibe it as "dying" - on the contrary, the distro is improving (like most other desktop distributions) with each subsequent release - in relative terms it's still one of the best desktop distributions out there - having said that, it does seems to have lost alot of "momentum" or "buzz" or "mindshare" in the wider desktop Linux community - it remains to be seen if or how Mandriva decides to address this and whether they can reverse the current trend.

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