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Windows "A while back, when Microsoft announced its decision to no longer release a monthly CTP for Vista, we were a bit worried, since we wanted to follow-up on the latest developments of Microsoft's next-generation operating system (though Microsoft promised to update current versions via critical updates). To Microsoft's credit, it has kept its word and has released an update sooner than we had anticipated, and needless to say, the changes in this release are substantial."
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Tom K
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Changes seem to be mostly appearance and minor usability improvements, eh?

I'm tired of hearing this argument over and over again. Will you people finally just pull out a few comprehensive Vista articles and read about everything Microsoft has done/is doing with it?

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OMRebel Member since:

As bloated as it is, it damn well better have a ton of new features!

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Did anybody here even listen to that awsome osnews podcast about bloat? I mean jesus.

What exactly is bloated about Vista...I mean hell have you even done some sort of in depth analysis of Vista with a rubric on what is and what isn't bloat?

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necrosis Member since:

I'm doubt weather yet another Windows vs. Linux argument can possibly be productive.

Fortunately this isn't an issue here because I was pointing out that changes in this build, compared to previous ones, aren't worth reviewing; not that Vista will necessarily be worthless.

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