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ReactOS People visiting the ReactOS website today were in for a shock. "Accusations have been made by some of ReactOS' own developers about certain parts of ReactOS code. The project is suspending development pending legal council. The project will resume once the issue has been rectified." I could not find any more information, as the links to the mailinglist archives are dead.
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RE: Welcome to the patent hell
by gedmurphy on Thu 26th Jan 2006 21:21 UTC
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johndaly. You're making many comments which are based on guess work.

Everyone should wait until the press release is available before speculating.

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Guesswork? No, I'm on the mailing list (as a lurker) and have fallowed the project for more then 5 years. I do not guess, there are two camps right now one that condones the act, believing it to be a valid form of reverse engineering and another condemning the act, believing it to be wrong on multiple levels. The breach is small, that much was clear form the mailing list and if the offending developer can be believed (and at the moment I do believe him on this) he produced most of it before he disassembled the corresponding windows section.

The code in question is the fast call code, and the developer claims that part of it is form Linux. What I would be interested in code wise is a comparison of the ReactOS code with the Linux code, that would show a few things a) are they related as claimed by the developer and b) is there an alternative implementation. Neither have been proven before the discussion went of the mailing list. The problem is that the ReactOS developers don't have the expertise for this. The code is rather esoteric and in asm, So if anybody has the expertise here I would appreciate your opinion.

I claimed the issue to be more a people issue, and I stand by that. The testing coordinator left the project over this (or so it appears from timing and argumentation previously to leaving) the core and old ReactOS developers are all on the clean room track but the project did accumulate lots of people in the last year or so. All we can do about the people issue is let it blow over.

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