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General Unix "Is Unix dead? My answer is no, it's not dead. As a matter of fact, I think I hear it laughing on its way to the bank. Fewer Unix systems are being shipped, but they're commanding a higher premium than ever. Unix still represents a $2 billion [EUR 1.7 billion] market, the largest operating-system market by far. Despite Windows Server recent gains, it still represents about $1.6 billion [EUR 1.3 billion], when you're looking at operating system-only revenues. And Linux in terms of revenues represents one-tenth of what the good, gray Unixes combined represent. Granted the future belongs to Linux, but as a $2 billion market, is Unix dead?"
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Of course it's not dead.
by JoeBuck on Fri 27th Jan 2006 22:46 UTC
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After all, in every technical sense, Linux is Unix, the BSDs are Unix, and Apple's OSX is Unix. The only reason you don't hear them called Unix is trademark law.

Nothing's left today other than Microsoft and Unix.

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RE: Of course it's not dead.
by Tyr. on Fri 27th Jan 2006 23:05 in reply to "Of course it's not dead."
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Nothing's left today other than Microsoft and Unix.

If you day that out loud where I work you're likely to get clobbered by an old bearded mainframe guy.
Mainframes and cobol, still going strong in some circles.

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And what is the old guy's mainframe running? VMS? LispMachine? TOPS-20? Multics? Z/OS (which is UNIX anyway)?

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