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Intel "Connect any USB 2.0 device to your notebook and lose more than one hour of battery time: Tom's Hardware Guide's tests of a Windows-based Intel Core Duo mobile processor platform revealed a serious power consumption issue that, according to Intel, is caused by a Microsoft driver bug - a bug that has been known by Microsoft for some time, but kept from the public eye until today."
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Ho hum.
by Phillip.Fayers on Sat 28th Jan 2006 19:45 UTC
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So, no mention in the story headline of the fact that the new dual core chip still lasts longer on the battery than the old one?

The new dual core chips have more power saving options, its not really suprising in an early release that the O/S won't fully understand them all. One way to save power is to shut down one core completely. I'm guessing the bug prevents that for some reason and it'll probably take some reworking under the hood of the O/S to fix it, which is why it's still around even after being reported such a long time ago.

Phillip Fayers

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