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OSNews, Generic OSes Plan 9 from Bell Labs is still very much alive. They just got an updated website, with easier access to nightly builds. "Plan 9 from Bell Labs is a research system developed at Bell Labs starting in the late 1980s. Its original designers and authors were Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, Dave Presotto, and Phil Winterbottom. They were joined by many others as development continued throughout the 1990s to the present. Plan 9 demonstrates a new and often cleaner way to solve most systems problems. The system as a whole is likely to feel tantalizingly familiar to Unix users but at the same time quite foreign."
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RE[3]: Looks very old...
by johndaly on Sat 28th Jan 2006 20:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Looks very old..."
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Plan9 doesn't use X, and it doesn't use a GUI. What you see in the screenshots is called a textual user interface. It combines some of the advantages of a GUI with the CLI. Sure it's not sexy and colorful but that was never the idea behind it. If you want eye candy Plan9 is not for you.

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