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Windows This is already a fairly old article, but I'm pretty confident it never made OSNews' front page. In this article, the author proves that Windows XP can be installed, and 'run', on processors with as little as 8MHz. "The target of this project was to find the weakest system where you can run Windows XP. Keep in mind, that Microsoft official requirements are a CPU with 233 MHz an 64 MB of RAM. But that had to be beaten!"
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by Jimmy on Sun 29th Jan 2006 05:57 UTC
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I remember having an old Zenith computer and trying to install Windows 98 on that thing. It had a 100 mhz processor and a whooping 16 mb of RAM.. but the problem was it was a 80486 DX4-100, and not a Pentium. That thing could not handle Windows 98 at all! It took forever to boot W98 and was just too sluggish to get anything done.

Too bad they couldn't get a true 486 processor to boot Windows XP, I really wanted to see the results.

Don't get me wrong; the 486 processor was a great processor for the DOS age, but the Pentium processor in my opinion was so much better.

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RE: 486
by mormon on Sun 29th Jan 2006 09:49 in reply to "486"
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that's strange. i installed win 95 on intel 486dx2 66 and it worked quite good. it was installed with ie 4. it booted in 36 SECONDS. you maybe forgot to turn on TURBO switch.

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RE[2]: 486
by Jimmy on Sun 29th Jan 2006 16:00 in reply to "RE: 486"
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Oh the machine could boot Windows 95 fine. I am talking about Windows 98. With all the junk MS added, it killed off the reasonable w95 functionality for older processors.

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