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General Development The Amanith library is a cross-platform (Linux, Win32, MacOS X, FreeBSD and IRIX) open source C++ framework for vector graphics. The new 0.3 release adds a full SVG 1.2-compliant enhanced alpha compositing layer, supporting all 24 compositing operations (base and extended Porter-Duff) in pure OpenGL. This makes Amanith the first opensource and crossplatform library that supports all of them in hardware (15 of 24 are available also without fragment programs). In addition a full geometry caching system has been introduced to speed up all drawing tasks. Version 0.3 has been released today.
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RE: It's nice and fast, but...
by Skavenger on Mon 30th Jan 2006 21:38 UTC in reply to "It's nice and fast, but..."
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Amanith drawboard (the rendering engine) architecture is ready to support more backends then the OpenGL one.
We have chosen to implement the OpenGL backend as first because we trust that hardware acceleration will be the future in this application field; its crossplatform soul makes OpenGL the ideal choice for the first stage of Amanith development.

Michele Fabbri - Amanith Team

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Oh... *cough* I have to take a closer look again ;) Aside from OpenGL do you support any other backend out-of-the-box then? Just curious.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards...


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Skavenger Member since:

Yes, we have in our roadmap some other backends (direct3d, first of all), but the idea is to finish the OpenGL one before to start to code another one.
Tecnically, as u can see in /src/rendering/ , write a backend is just a matter to derive a class from gDrawboard, as we have done with gOpenglboard.
It would be cool if the community will help us developing backends, but, i know, we are qpl, so i don't expect so much.

Michele Fabbri - Amanith Team

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