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Novell and Ximian A demonstration of the next release of Novell's Linux for desktops drew cheers and applause Wednesday, although the final version of the software is not expected for some months. Nat Friedman, the company's vice president of Linux desktop engineering, showed Novell Linux Desktop 10 playing videos and MP3 music files, and exchanging music and photos with an iPod and a digital camera, in a keynote presentation at the Solutions Linux conference and trade show on the outskirts of Paris.
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RE[2]: XGL! Yey!
by poofyhairguy on Wed 1st Feb 2006 21:40 UTC in reply to "RE: XGL! Yey!"
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Agreed, thus far nothing in the Linux world is honestly on par with Windows Vista or OSX's graphics system, so it will be most welcome to see a linux distro that comes with XGL running for regular users, no compiling needed.

Just because they showed off Xgl doesn't mean its ready and it doesn't mean that it will be shipped by default. You will probably be able to install it from a package (just like in other distros like Ubuntu) but Xgl is at least a year away from being shipped by default on the desktop of a major distro.

In fact, its obvious why Novell didn't release any Xgl code for so long- they wanted a neat demo to show off that nobody else has. Oh well, they pay for it so its ok.

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RE[3]: XGL! Yey!
by Mitarai on Wed 1st Feb 2006 21:41 in reply to "RE[2]: XGL! Yey!"
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Oh well, they pay for it so its ok.

I agree.

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