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Novell and Ximian A demonstration of the next release of Novell's Linux for desktops drew cheers and applause Wednesday, although the final version of the software is not expected for some months. Nat Friedman, the company's vice president of Linux desktop engineering, showed Novell Linux Desktop 10 playing videos and MP3 music files, and exchanging music and photos with an iPod and a digital camera, in a keynote presentation at the Solutions Linux conference and trade show on the outskirts of Paris.
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RE[2]: Something Productive
by segedunum on Thu 2nd Feb 2006 10:11 UTC in reply to "Something Productive"
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Shall I assume that you meant "John is as close to anyone has got to agreeing with me"?

Why, have you listened to it? He, he, he. You can say that about anyone, including yourself. It's extremely easy to sit in an ivory tower and shout "flame" and "troll". The difference is that you haven't described what the problems are and where people should really be focusing their efforts ;-).

Shall I assume that you don't like some of the home truths, you simply don't like some of the things that that might pointed out or you don't want to hear that what Red Hat, Sun or even Novell are doing desktop-wise is just meaningless fluff?

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RE[3]: Something Productive
by chris_dk on Thu 2nd Feb 2006 12:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Something Productive"
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Well, I have listened to it, and John says that Red Hat and Novell are targeting the wrong market: the enterprise market.

John also says that the correct market to target is the small to medium business users. He does not talk about desktop linux. You, segedunum, are a troll.

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