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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linus Torvalds, father of the Linux kernel, has fleshed out his unhappiness with GPLv3 in three recent posts on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Torvalds previously stated that the kernel will remain under the licensing terms of GPLv2. Yesterday, Torvalds offered his opinion as to where the battle over DRM should take place.
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RE: Linus gets it
by Wes Felter on Thu 2nd Feb 2006 22:34 UTC in reply to "Linus gets it"
Wes Felter
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What about people who buy content (i.e. just about all of us)? Don't customers have an interest in this situation?

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RE[2]: Linus gets it
by halfmanhalfamazing on Fri 3rd Feb 2006 00:45 in reply to "RE: Linus gets it"
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----------What about people who buy content (i.e. just about all of us)?------------

What about them? Haven't you noticed how hollywood's and the music industry's numbers are down?

If you listen to people like Dr Dre(a guy I used to respect) and Metallica, we're all a bunch of thieves and they are absolutely determined to smite our evil ways.

------------Don't customers have an interest in this situation?-------------

Absolutely. I've noticed how many companies who are implementing DRM are doing it in a way to where it seems to "creep in" the marketspace, rather than all of a sudden.

It'd be a good idea if you do what I do. I've always got a copy of knoppix with me for easy access/giveaway. My main goal is to get people to use their second/older machine as a linux box.

I've had great success at this while focusing in on how linux increases productivity.

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