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Windows "As more computer users move to larger, wide-screen monitors, Microsoft is staking a claim to that added real estate. Windows Vista, the update to the operating system due this year, will add a feature called Sidebar. Sidebar is a small panel at the side of the monitor that can be used to view photo slide shows, RSS feeds and other small programs, dubbed gadgets."
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So... OSNews can only post about stuff that is completely new to the computer world? Great idea.

Exactly. I read an article here that an installer was being worked on for Genteoo Linux. Hell, how long has Windows had one of those? There was another article here just yetserday about how you could hook up an mp3 player in Suse (or is it Novell now?) and have it instantly recognized - I didn't see people of other operating systems bitching that they've had this for how ever long.

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Yeah... either this site is getting boring or the IT world is. Maybe both are boring or maybe I'm just bored ;)

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