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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linus Torvalds, father of the Linux kernel, has fleshed out his unhappiness with GPLv3 in three recent posts on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Torvalds previously stated that the kernel will remain under the licensing terms of GPLv2. Yesterday, Torvalds offered his opinion as to where the battle over DRM should take place.
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RE[4]: What a nightmare
by halfmanhalfamazing on Sat 4th Feb 2006 04:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: What a nightmare"
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----------Why would he have gratitude? He believe patents are a bad thing--------------

You should always have gratitude when somebody else lets you borrow or use something which is not yours.

-------------The world isn't so black and white. And people and government aren't half as practical as you are about these things.---------------

Perhaps. I do know one thing. Of all the converts I've made to linux, none have been because of the political fight.

Linux/OSS quite simply is the better product. And it's not hard to see once you actually try it.

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