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Apple Apple has confirmed that it's taken the number one spot in the western European education market. Apple's education market share in western Europe is now 15.2 per cent, relegating Dell, with 14.7 per cent, to second place.
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Deceptive statistic?
by walterbyrd on Sat 4th Feb 2006 17:30 UTC
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>Apple's education market share in western Europe is now 15.2 per cent, relegating Dell, with 14.7 per cent, to second place.<

From the headline, tt seems likey they are trying to imply that Apple is more standard than msft in European eduation. But, they are only comparing Apple to one particular PC vendor - and there are a lot of PC vendors, but only one Apple vendor.

Bottom line: Apple only has about 15% or the market, the other 85% in winel. How well apple is doing realitive to *one* particular PC vendor is not especially relevant.

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RE: Deceptive statistic?
by Andrew Youll on Sat 4th Feb 2006 17:33 in reply to "Deceptive statistic?"
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I don't see how its deceptive? I would have thought it would say: "Mac OS X, King Of The Hill in European Education" if we were comparing to MSFT.

Don't know about everyone else but to me when I read "Apple" I tend to think Hardware opposed to software, as Apple is primarily a hardware company.

Edit: Also, yes there are lots of PC vendors, but not all are Windows vendors... yes 99.9+% are but not all.

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RE: Deceptive statistic?
by PLan on Sat 4th Feb 2006 17:51 in reply to "Deceptive statistic?"
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In a way. All the Apple fans reading it will remember the comparison with Dell (a feelgood story on a Mac site ...), while the rest of us will note that for most countries Apple is still a relatively minor player.

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RE: Deceptive statistic?
by rm6990 on Sat 4th Feb 2006 20:33 in reply to "Deceptive statistic?"
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Ummm, Dell is the number 2 vendor now. Apple is number 1. They may not have the majority of the market, but they have more than any other single computer manufacturer. Try practising reading comprehension. This is talking about hardware, not software. You know, Apple's main business?

If every news site assumed that people would read the headline and not read the article, and adjusted the headline accordingly, the headlines would be longer than the article.

Oh, and the headline never said software.

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