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PC-BSD LinuxHelp reviews PC-BSD, the (100% compatible) variant of FreeBSD aimed at the desktop, and concludes: "All in all, PC-BSD is an OS which has a bright future in the desktop market provided the developers provide more variety of software or at least equivalent to those found in the FreeBSD ports." Screenshots included to keep our younger readers happy.
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As a FreeBSD user.
by kensai on Sat 4th Feb 2006 18:34 UTC
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As a FreeBSD user I must say, PC-BSD is a great custom freebsd 6.0 system. It's .pbi system is an advanced piece of art IMHO pc-bsd has advanced in a way that many Linux distros only wish to. It still is immature but offers something new. So if you want to be on the BSD side but want things to just work out of the box just choose PC-BSD you will find the rock solid stability and security that only freebsd can give.

About the desktopbsd and pcbsd joining forces issue I must sy it is a must happen since they share same goals and need to work them together not in a separate way. If you want to fight a war against a very strong oponent please don't divide your forces unite them as much as you can and victory shall be yours. But I think this is more about ego than other things. I just see that pc-bsd is proggressing in a better way than desktopbsd but, time will tell.

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RE: As a FreeBSD user.
by spikeb on Sun 5th Feb 2006 09:30 in reply to "As a FreeBSD user."
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i happen to agree - join forces, damn it!

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RE[2]: As a FreeBSD user.
by backdoc on Sun 5th Feb 2006 15:46 in reply to "RE: As a FreeBSD user."
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Speaking of joining forces, as I was reading through the article, I was thinking, "Why don't all of these OS hackers just help the major desktops better integrate their tools?" For example, why have a KDE user manager tool and a PC-BSD user manager tool? Why not just make sure that KDE's will work with your OS?

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