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Bugs & Viruses Security watchers say the Kama Sutra worm, which is programmed to overwrite files on infected Windows PCs today, will have a damaging but not catastrophic effect. The Kama Sutra worm (or Nyxem-E or Blackworm) poses as an email message offering a variety of salacious content. Subject lines used in the malicious emails include: The Best Videoclip Ever, Fw: SeX.mpg, Miss Lebanon 2006 and Fuckin Kama Sutra pics. The worm, which can also spread across network shares, only affects Windows PCs.
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RE[6]: Too bad eh..
by Richard James on Sun 5th Feb 2006 03:44 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Too bad eh.."
Richard James
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Me thinks you're a bit off here. With an umask of 022 and a creation mode of 0777 the resulting permissions would be 0755, which is -rwxr-xr-x.

Yeah my bad

reading the man page it says

"The umask is used by open(2) to set initial file permissions on a newly-
created file. Specifically, permissions in the umask are turned off from
the mode argument to open(2) (so, for example, the common umask default
value of 022 results in new files being created with permissions 0666 &
~022 = 0644 = rw-r--r-- in the usual case where the mode is specified as

I don't know where the mode is specified.

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