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PC-BSD LinuxHelp reviews PC-BSD, the (100% compatible) variant of FreeBSD aimed at the desktop, and concludes: "All in all, PC-BSD is an OS which has a bright future in the desktop market provided the developers provide more variety of software or at least equivalent to those found in the FreeBSD ports." Screenshots included to keep our younger readers happy.
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RE[2]: More is on the way...
by openartist on Sun 5th Feb 2006 08:03 UTC in reply to "RE: More is on the way..."
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Well, I wouldn't want to get too carried away but we're in the process of designing a PCBSD theme for KDE as well as creating at least some unique key icons to the icon set. That's a small part of it really, a very small part. In general our aim is not to just create a cohesive and coherent brand but a communication strategy in general. In terms of design, open source software is like herding rabid cattle. It's very difficult for most projects to give their users a consistent brand experience because every project has a brand, and every brand is "administered" by its own patron volunteer designer or dev team. This is especially the case with some popular desktop environments. The branding is aggressive and consequently de-brands the parent project that is implementing it. This isn't really a problem for people "in the know" and who are familiar with the ins and outs of the F/OSS scene. The more elite crowd have a palette for the subtler distinctions. My grandmother does not. So in part what lies ahead is a lot of headache and heartache in structuring a map and model for creating not only a project but a successful brand experience. I'll be writing a paper about it soon so if this seems cryptic and offensive I apologize. It's 3 in the morning and I have a long meditation practice in the morning to be awake for, but expect some more news...soon.

-Paul (excuse the spam on my blog)

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