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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Linus Torvalds doesn't want to change the Linux kernel's software license, and he said so again last week. For good measure this time, he threw in some inflammatory remarks. "I literally feel," wrote Torvalds, "that we do not, as software developers, have the moral right to enforce our rules on hardware manufacturers. We are not crusaders, trying to force people to bow to our superior God." Since the crusades were a foreign adventure responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands, that's not the most diplomatic response, and FSF counsel Eben Moglen refused to be drawn into retaliation when we contacted him for comment."
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Hooray for backbones!
by skeezix on Wed 8th Feb 2006 04:21 UTC
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I love how Linus Torvalds doesn't give a rat's arse about what people think. That's a hallmark of a very strong, self-possessed person. I will say I was very incensed at one of his recent comments -- the one about GNOME sucking and KDE being lovely -- because I'm rather fond of GNOME myself, and find KDE a bit too configurable. But I admired the fact that Torvalds was so brutally frank and free with his opinion. After all, this is just software; we're not talking about stabbing babies here. So why not be bold and have some violent, flame-igniting fun? You only live once.

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