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Google Fighting for icon space on the desktop is so 2001. The new frontier on a virgin PC is the browser, and Internet companies like Google are jostling for space on the browsers of new PCs. Dell and Google are evaluating a partnership in which the Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search and a Google-designed Dell home page are included on new Dell PCs, a Dell representative confirmed.
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Do no evil
by r2d2d3d4d5 on Wed 8th Feb 2006 10:45 UTC
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Google are getting pretty scary these days. Apart from logging searches to IP address, connecting Google Mail accounts with other Google services (search engine/Groups/etc), scanning your email to insure you get the right kind of advertising, changing the T&Cs of Google Talk so that it logs all your conversations (although there seems to be an opt out) and perhaps other things we might not be aware of, I wonder how much information they're going to be logging from everyone's computer activities by having their toolbars everywhere?

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RE: Do no evil
by dukeinlondon on Wed 8th Feb 2006 12:06 in reply to "Do no evil"
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this data could become a terrible instrument in the wrong hands.

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RE: Do no evil
by Kroc on Wed 8th Feb 2006 15:10 in reply to "Do no evil"
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"other things we might not be aware of"

Only what's on the privacy policy they can log, otherwise they can be sued into hell. It's not what they log which is the biggest issue, it's how that data is mapped.

an IP address alone is pretty much useless, Google are not going to try 'splot your machine. Instead they can guage Google usage across countries, across time. They can watch usage go up over time, see what times of the day are the busiest, what countries/ISPs click which adverts and target accordingly, see a physical spread across subnets of a certain new keyword as more people search for it, determine Google usage per ISP to monitor bundling deals, calculate search terms that tend to be used more in a certain geographical location and millions more things.

The power of data is not what you collect, but what you mine out of it. (Wall*Mart brag about having data-stores larger than the Internet itself, but still they haven't a clue).

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