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Microsoft Microsoft plans to ship a new security product in June, charging $49.95 [EUR 42] a year to shield up to three PCs against viruses, spyware and other cyberthreats, the company said on Tuesday. Called Windows OneCare Live, the product marks Microsoft's long-anticipated entry into the consumer antivirus market, which has been the domain of specialized vendors, led by Symantec and McAfee. Microsoft announced its intent to offer antivirus products in June 2003 when it bought Romanian antivirus software developer GeCad Software.
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RE[2]: Not bad
by BluenoseJake on Wed 8th Feb 2006 18:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Not bad"
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Man, where did they say they would stop patches and fixes coming out unless you pay $50. you better loosen up the tinfoil hat there, it's cutting off circulation

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RE[3]: Not bad
by raver31 on Wed 8th Feb 2006 19:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Not bad"
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I didnt say it would stop unless you paid $50, what I actually said was this....

and I quote...

Microsoft always put out "critical fixes" and patches, will this now stop unless you pay the $50 per year ?

See the part where it says "will" and the end where there is a "?"
this means it is a question, not a statement.
Now you accuse me of having the tinfoil hat too tight, I say nope, I think you need to learn to read before you try to make a joke


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