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Linux It seems like Linus Torvalds cannot make up his mind about whether or not to use the GPL3 for the Linux kernel. After clearly rejecting the idea of using the GPL3 ('and I don't see that changing'), he now opens the option up again. "It's 'quite possible,' said Torvalds that the GPL 3 could be used, 'but on the other hand, there's a purely practical problem with any change of license when you have tens of major copyright holders and hundreds of people who have written some part and thousands who have submitted one-liners and small fixes. There are, after all, benefits to putting the kernel under the GPL 3,' Torvalds said."
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RE: I really like Torvalds
by gplCop318 on Wed 8th Feb 2006 22:38 UTC in reply to "I really like Torvalds"
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yea I dont care for the way his head gets big occasionally and he decides to speak as if he owns linux and every line of code in it...

He seems to really be bipolar or moody or just plain multi-personality. When I read his rants I feel like I never want to see or use anything linux ever again. Alan Cox always seems to do a better job of discussing and admitting to when he is wrong. Sooner or later torvalds climbs down off his horse and starts discussin instead of ranting and we get somewhere... Is he a uptight kind of dude? Heck, I dont know...

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RE[2]: I really like Torvalds
by Brendan on Wed 8th Feb 2006 23:10 in reply to "RE: I really like Torvalds"
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He seems to really be bipolar or moody or just plain multi-personality.

I'm not so sure of this - for "proper" interviews and things he seems quite diplomatic.

For the kernel developer's mailing list, it's like he forgets that his conversions aren't very private (and are read by more people than the kernel developers that they're intended for).

I'm sure if we could listen in on the private discussions of most commercial software vendors we'd also see a difference between what they say to each other and what they intentionally release to the media.

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gplCop318 Member since:

good point! hehehehe you may be EXACTLY right...

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