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Debian and its clones MEPIS, one of the more popular Debian-derived distributions, may be moving in a new direction soon. MEPIS founder Warren Woodford is considering building future MEPIS releases from Ubuntu sources rather than from Debian. SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3, which is scheduled for release today, has been quite a challenge to build, according to Woodford. "It's taking up all my time, fighting the Etch pool... We've had a lot of trouble, because the Debian community has become so active, it's been difficult to get this out, so I'm looking at alternatives to getting out stable releases."
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Ubuntu is very bad, I knew it from when it first came out and all of a sudden became the golden boy of distros. Here were Mepis and PCLinuxOS that were around for longer and ubuntu comes in and sweeps the community off it's collective feet.

Now even warren is running to them. Well no matter I use PCLinuxOS now.

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I'm sorry but what kind of subjective, unsubstantiated, unexplained, biased crap is "Ubuntu is very bad"??? I also have used Ubuntu since before the first version was released. It revitalised my interest in Linux after being put off by Red Hat. I since moved to Mepis and tried a bunch of others but have both (K)ubuntu and Mepis running on various boxes. (K)ubuntu supports my AMD64 machine nicely and Mepis runs good on my other x86 boxes. I like the cleanness of Kubuntu and the comprehensiveness of Mepis.

Now tell my just why hundreds of satisfied Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu users are so dramatically wrong in thinking these distros are so good, and why in fact, they are just plain "very bad"???

I have seen so much FUD being spread around Ubuntu: from people who just "know" that Mark Shuttleworth has evil, monopolistic ulterior motives to those who are just plain upset that Ubuntu threatens to bring some stability and popularity to the Linux world on a scale previously unseen. There are Linux purists of some kind who despise the fact that Ubuntu brings Linux within the grasp of "average Joe" users removing the uber-geek mystique (although I would argue that Mepis and other distros also have their share of non-techie users).

It is absolutely high time that people who claim to support Linux stopped encouraging the separation between distros and started realising that keeping distros apart in small pockets all pursuing different aims and agendas will never be good for Linux.

And if people are so paranoid and naive as to think that a single person could wipe out the combined efforts of the many contributors, testers, users, in short the whole community that makes up the Linux world, then fine, go ahead and have your anti-Ubuntu, anti-Mark Shuttleworth witch-hunts. But the rest of us will continue to live in the real world and hope that increased cooperation and sharing of resources between distros will continue to improve Linux in all it's various guises.

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Your post demonstrates why ubuntu is a bad thing. As I said about when it first came out, there is something very distributing about it and while I can't place my finger on it.

It may well be Mr. Suttleworth, those of us who use Linux have been burned by a millionaire and maybe some are not ready to retread the path of the herd mentality. It could have been the fact that when it took the Linux world by storm there were better distros out there and where ubuntu came from was not put out for the public to see right away.

And FYI I am not a "Linux Purist" I want to see Linux take over the market. Just not under one person, that would be no better than Windows.

In fact, the more I think about it the more it smacks of MS. When one gets Ubuntu it's not ready to go, you have to download some stuff to be able to use .mp3. There are distros out there that are that ready PCLinuxOS and Mepis are just but two.

This all reminds me of a scene from Pirates of Silicon Valley where Steve Jobs tells Bill Gates “We make better stuff!” and Bill Gates looks back and tells him “That's not the point!”. Microsoft as well as ubuntu is good at marketing but falls short everywhere else.

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