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Mono Project Apress' open source series of books recently unveiled Mark Mamone's "Practical Mono", a book targetting new .NET developers. We take a quick look at the book below.
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RE: Upgrading.
by Mitarai on Fri 10th Feb 2006 14:18 UTC in reply to "Upgrading."
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I got a question for you Mister the Icaza:

¿Why F-Spot haven't been ported to others platforms such Windows?, In theory that would not be that hard and Windows users would love an application like F-spot.

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RE[2]: Upgrading.
by marpaco on Fri 10th Feb 2006 15:20 in reply to "RE: Upgrading."
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I am not mister de Icaza but or Larry Ewing (creator of F-spot), but I will take a stab at this. F-Spot and other great Gnome# applications that are making it big in Linux now days rely a lot on underlying technologies that are platform specific to GNOME and even lower level pieces that only exist in *NIX. We have just began to make parts of Gnome# available on Win32.

Gtk# the UI library framework written in C# that makes writing GTK GUI applications with ease, makes extensive use of a feature of .NET/Mono called Platform Invocation (PInvoke). This means that although when you are writing your applications you are doing it using C# semantics, at runtime there are plenty of calls to unmanaged function calls that may not exist yet on Windows.

In time we will have full parity or very close to it (97% is good enough?) with Windows, Mac OS X and others, but until then the folks taking full advantage of mono/Gtk#/Gnome# are taking advantage of Linux. Should you? ;)

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