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Linux The Elive project has released what will probably become Elive 0.4. "Elive 0.4 will be officially released next week, but you can download and try the PRE release if you want, this PRE release will be just the same as 0.4 Release if there's no problems with it." Elive is the live CD which aims to bring the latest and greatest of E16/E17 to your desktop with minimum hassle. The default window manager is Enlightenment 16.8, but of course Enlightenment 17 is also included, as well as the EFL libraries and most of the applications made on top of these libraries.
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Runs fine on older laptop
by dhave on Fri 10th Feb 2006 23:08 UTC
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I've been running E17 for 7-8 months on an IBM Thinkpad T21 with a P3-850MHz processor, 384Mb RAM and only 8 -- yes 8! -- Mb of video RAM. It's generally far more responsive than KDE or Gnome, a little more responsive than XFCE4.x, and a bit less responsive than the *box window managers. It works fine, perfectly usable.

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RE: Runs fine on older laptop
by Jesuspower on Sat 11th Feb 2006 03:32 in reply to "Runs fine on older laptop"
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I beg to not differ... ;) That is to say, I concur.
I had it running on a 700mhz T20... Way more responsive than GNOME. Way more. It even ran better than may mac...
hold up!
I am definitely pulling that old 20-gig out and installing e17 on it (on my mac). I needed to lean to code using EVAS anyway...

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