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Windows Roughly half of today's PCs won't be able to take advantage of the 'Aero Glass' compositor found within Microsoft's upcoming Vista software, due at the end of this year. The estimate was one of the conclusions cited in a report released late Thursday by Jon Peddie Research. The fault, Peddie reported, was that the low-cost integrated graphics controllers customers have chosen process the 2D windows of Windows XP and Windows 2000 just fine, but lack the bells and whistles necessary to process the Windows Desktop Compositing Engine used in Vista. About 63 percent of the 203 million PCs sold used an integrated graphics controller, JPR reported.
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Am I the only one?
by astroraptor on Sun 12th Feb 2006 03:36 UTC
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Am I the only one that sees an operating system as a means to access applications/games that will require the most use of my hardware and not for it to take a lot of resources that in the end could really be used for the software's sake? I really find it ridiculous to run an operating system as though it were a high end video game but maybe I'm the only one.

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RE: Am I the only one?
by sappyvcv on Sun 12th Feb 2006 04:09 in reply to "Am I the only one?"
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All modern operating systems eat up a lot of memory. It's simply a byproduct of putting in features to try and please the widest range of people without going *completely* overboard.

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RE[2]: Am I the only one?
by ma_d on Sun 12th Feb 2006 05:04 in reply to "RE: Am I the only one?"
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Realistically OS's have been decreasing in their amount of processor and memory usage by percentage as their features have grown very slowly and the hardware has grown much quicker.

And WPF will actually increase system RAM available. Because it will be moving:
1.) The main drawing buffer into VRAM
2.) Each applications drawn self into VRAM

And it will free up CPU cycles because:
1.) It will move application drawing onto the GPU
2.) It will move final compositing onto the GPU (Currently there's really no compositing, just a little bit of work to figure out what the minimal amount of drawing is for the current state of windows)

Yes, Vista is going to be doing way more graphics. However, it's using a processor which almost no applications take advantage of. And for a few reasons:
1.) It's not something you're guaranteed to have on every machine.
2.) It's rarely needed to get the job you want to do done.

If you think WPF is a bad idea you should have been in line complaining about every Windows API, because each application could use that "extra" memory to write its own API's!

The main question, to me, is will they let us shut most of the effects off but keep glass running. It'd be annoying if it were all or nothing (sort of like how you can't get those nice Win2k winborders with a nice luna app theme in XP without editing dll's).
Realistically, even though this stuff is cheap on the gpu it still has a cost. A cost that laptop users will probably feel if they can't shut some stuff off.

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RE[2]: Am I the only one?
by garfield on Tue 14th Feb 2006 05:29 in reply to "RE: Am I the only one?"
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Not exactly, in mandriva 2005, kde/gnome takes up little more than 100 megs of ram, and I'm using half a gig. that and it won't require me to dedicate system resources that i'd rather use for other things, like games.

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