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Apple "Most of the stuff written about Wozniak portrays him as an amiable buffoon. By most accounts, Woz is a talented engineer who got lucky in his early career and became fabulously wealthy. Then he dropped out to be an unsuccessful concert promoter, launch a couple of go-nowhere startups and teach school. It appears Woz has bounced from one thing to another without much commitment or direction. Along the way, he squandered much of his fortune and was a soft touch for every charity and cause under the sun."
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Andrew Youll
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I think you are missing one huge fact, Wozniak as a person, he personally has no desire to gain huge amounts of money, you will see that alot of what he has done is to try and give people who arent as fortunate as him self a chance of making their lives better be it through education or just through giving someone a chance of having an enjoyable time, and to him if that means he lost all his money, as long as it made a difference to their lives i think Wozniak wouldnt have mind the loss of his money.

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I never liked Jobs. He seems to much like the slick business type to me. Then I found out what he's like from articles like these ( )

"Even though he admired the design, and admired Jobs for getting the job done, he still did not care for him. Either way, they gave Jobs the $500 plus the bonus - which turned out to be a total of $5,000! Jobs turned around paid an unknowing Wozniak the original $350 they had agreed upon."

That's Jobs screwing his friend out his his part of a $5000 bonus for doing a design for Atari! I bring up this story whenever I hear someone express their admiration for the rich, this show just how they get rich - by screwing over everyone they can.

Telling about Woz is that he later mentions just how hurt he was by this, not for the money but just about the betrayal. But these days he doesn't even hold a grudge towards Steve. That's the stuff true roll models are made of if you ask me, give me Woz, you can keep the Gates' and Jobs' of this world.

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