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Windows In a recent Channel 9 video, Scoble interviews Jenny Lam, creative lead on the Windows User Experience team. Lamb is responsible for everything from the new 'gem' start button to the latest bliss wallpapers. Some interesting bits: the GUI is finalized (are they sure this time?), Iconfactory is again designing the icons, and Photoshop and Illustrator are the tools of choice.
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Vista hype
by Larz on Sun 12th Feb 2006 18:06 UTC
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<Snip>Ever wonder who creates those cool icons, animations, and the general graphical experiences in our products like Windows Vista? </Snip>

To be honest I havenīt ever wondered who created those "cool icons". I somehow just assumed that it would be someone at Microsoft...

But sometimes I really wonder why the bar for what is newsworthy regarding Vista is so low. I know that Vista is an extremely important release for Microsoft.

But will Vista really be that important to the rest of us working in the industry? To be honest I am not that sure.

Will see.

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RE: Vista hype
by Alex Forster on Sun 12th Feb 2006 18:25 in reply to "Vista hype"
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She's not just responsible for those "cool icons." In fact, she isn't responsible for any icons. Scobble underplayed the interview (he's an ADHD idiot). This woman (and one or two people under her) is directly responsible for almost everything visual about Vista.

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RE: Vista hype
by sappyvcv on Sun 12th Feb 2006 19:17 in reply to "Vista hype"
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If you don't like the stories, skip them.

The only time I would agree with you is when something posted is COMPLETELY devoid of ANY information. This, however, is not.

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RE: Vista hype
by ma_d on Sun 12th Feb 2006 20:23 in reply to "Vista hype"
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This was actually one of the better Vista related channel 9 videos of late.

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