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Windows The Windows registry works like an attic; stuff just keeps getting tossed in there, eventually creating a big, jumbled mess. Rick Cook explains why you need to pay attention to the registry and reviews types of registry tools for doing some spot cleaning.
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People still use telnet?!

Just curious why you're not using ssh.

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KenJackson Member since:

I have an ethernet switch in my office, so I'm telneting across a segment of ethernet that is contained within the walls of my office. I use ssh from work to home, but telnet is simpler, so I use it when I control the route.

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RenatoRam Member since:

Sure they do: MS ships a telnet server, but not a SSH server.

Of course you can install openSSH yourself, but ISVs always refer to telnet when explaining how to do command line remote adminstration on their products (I'm thinking Cisco voice software here).

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