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Linux The Elive project has released what will probably become Elive 0.4. "Elive 0.4 will be officially released next week, but you can download and try the PRE release if you want, this PRE release will be just the same as 0.4 Release if there's no problems with it." Elive is the live CD which aims to bring the latest and greatest of E16/E17 to your desktop with minimum hassle. The default window manager is Enlightenment 16.8, but of course Enlightenment 17 is also included, as well as the EFL libraries and most of the applications made on top of these libraries.
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Useable six months ago
by Shane on Mon 13th Feb 2006 04:57 UTC
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I last tried E17 six months ago on my FreeBSD box. It's an old machine, a PIII with 896MB of RAM and a GeForce FX5200. I found E17 to be stable enough and fast enough to be used as my main window manager back then. I really liked a combination of KDE and E17.

Here's a screenshot of my desktop at the time:

The great thing about *nix is that you can mix and match everything and customise to your heart's content. The flip side is that integration isn't all that great when you do that. Doesn't matter much if you are a command line junkie though ;)

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