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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The global market for smart mobile devices continued its rise in Q2 2005 according to estimates released by research firm Canalys. Nokia once again saw its smart phone shipments increase at more than twice the average market rate. Palm still leads the handheld segment, with 31% market share, but its handheld shipments declined 32% year on year, resulting in a 1% unit decline overall. Handheld shipments fell in most regions, with North America down by 36%, while Latin America and Asia Pacific fell 12% and 21% respectively.
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I hope
by rm6990 on Tue 26th Jul 2005 23:42 UTC
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I personally hope handhelds aren't discontinued. I don't want a web browser, Email Client, Word processor, etc in my phone. I want to flip it open, type a number and talk, that's it. Perhaps keep a phone book.

I prefer keeping handhelds and phones seperate. Of course, I'm obviously the minority.

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RE: I hope
by Nicholas Blachford on Wed 27th Jul 2005 00:05 in reply to "I hope"
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I prefer keeping handhelds and phones seperate. Of course, I'm obviously the minority.

You're not that much of a minority.
Some phone companies have started producing basic models again.

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RE: I hope
by Knuckles on Wed 27th Jul 2005 01:01 in reply to "I hope"
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I agree. I still use an old (four or five years old) nokia 7110 (first nokia with wap), and it works perfectly (and battery life is excellent, after buying a new Li-Polimer ultra-light-and-thin battery), and i'm very happy with it, it works 100%.

On the other hand, just today a friend of mine was telling me that his super duper 3g photo etc nokia sometimes freezes for a while when you are placing a call (while it's still ringing on the other side).

Of course, that may be or may be not a problem of his specific device, but I think that more and more we will have problems and the important things not work if the smartphone makers keep adding and adding and adding unuseful stuff.

Also, it's nice not to worry about losing your $500 cellphone or dropping it or getting it wet, because if you have separate devices, you can take the ones you need and feel confortable to carry at that time (for example, i am terrified of taking my pda anyware near the beach, or of using it in public transports, because it could get wet or sand, or it stands out too much as something probably not cheap).

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