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Original OSNews Interviews OpenBinder is the core technology that ex-Be engineers started at Be, Inc. as the "next generation BeOS", finished implementing at PalmSource as one of the key foundations of the Cobalt system, and is now being open-sourced running for Linux. Dianne Hackborn, a legendary engineer throughout the BeOS history and later a key engineer in the creation of PalmOS Cobalt, is describing OpenBinder below and then a mini-interview follows.
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by YNOP on Tue 14th Feb 2006 22:07 UTC
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oohh, lots of nice references to libbe2 and support kits, etc

nice package. glad to see lots of this code "make it out". muscle did a good job of bringing some of that be-way out to a cross platform technology, however its nice to see allot more beeing released here.

if i can get this running on BeOS and OSX i might just find my way "back" home.

one small point. where is the BeBook for this code. I see some docs, and they look like they came from the same family of documentation systems that generated the old bebook (i know the code commenting style is similar)

it would be nice to have something as clean and straight forward as the bebook for OBinder.

oh well. its all super kewl though, thanks for the release

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