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Mac OS X It seems like flee-in-Apple's-fur, cracker 'Maxxuss', has succeeded in cracking Mac OS 10.4.4 for Intel. "We were just about to hunker down and wait through the cold winter and a wet spring until we saw some results on the OS X 10.4.4 for Intel hacking efforts, but it looks like we're getting a little Valentines present from 'Maxxuss' who has already broken through Apple's heightened security that is present in their shipping version of the OS. It's just a preliminary release, not all hardware is supported and it requires a bit of futzing around to get it to work, but seeing as we weren't expecting this kind of breakthrough this early, we really can't complain."
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That's an interesting comment there Thom, but I take my principles over the tyranny of some rich guy just looking to shovel more cash into his bank account.

As an example I absolutely had to use Microsoft Office 2003 to do my school work a year ago, there was no way out of it. The school had computers in the library but that was just so they could say students had no excuse for not having their homework done if it required a computer. The computers were always taken up no matter how early you got there, and most of the people on them were either checking e-mail, forums, or porn when the librarians weren't looking so you HAD to have a computer and the required software at home.

There was no alternative for the software we had to use, it was Microsoft Excel or nothing because OO.o wouldn't do the graphs the way the teachers wanted them. Microsoft got the schools to use their proprietary software with closed standards by offering them the software cheap (in several cases bribery of the deciding individual(s) is also involved), knowing full well students would have to pay $200 for the software in order to get their homework done and not fail. In my opinion what Microsoft was doing was malicious, there's no two ways about it and frankly whoever decided to standardize the entire district on their software was no better. Had my parents not bought MS Office I would have pirated it wouthout feeling even slightly guilty, what goes around comes around and Microsoft picked the fight.

As far as Apple software is concerned I wouldn't pirate that because they don't force me to use it, Apple plays nice with me so I play nice with them.

The point is that a rock solid stance to obey whatever contract a company throws at you isn't a good policy when that company starts abusing you.

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