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Linspire "Every time I've ever spoken with Mark about DLS to ask him if Ubuntu would come to the show and participate, he says the same thing - Ubuntu is hesitant to come to 'The Linspire show'. Now, Mark has never actually been to the Desktop Linux Summit personally, and try as I have to explain to him the history of the show, I can tell he's just not buying it - it seems that there is nothing I can say to change his view that the Summit is and has always been a 'Linspire show'. If Mark Shuttleworth is misinformed, I'm sure others are misinformed as well. So, rather than dodge the controversy that arose four years ago during the birth of the first DLS, I would like to address it head on."
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Linspire Show
by k9_engineer on Wed 15th Feb 2006 01:45 UTC
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Why is it that the Linux crowd fights with there own kind. I hope its just sibling rivalry. I started with Mandrake 8.2ish then 9.0 then SuSe linux 8.0 and went back to windows due to the difficulty in broken apps and high learning curve even for the adventurist. Bought and paid for Lindows 4.5 and WOW! Everything worked. Flash, java, pdfs you name it. Twas a little slow but for the stabilty and no malware I enjoyed it. I only switched back b/c my CNR subscription ran out before FIVEO was released. I have a SuSe linux server (9.2) running my business and it is flawless but just try and install software not on the cd and its that same old frustration. I will gladly pay and use Linspire for the ease of use and the awesome repository of software. Heck, it even introduced me to MoneyDance which I still use 3 years later on WinXP. I dual boot Ubantu now but will be going back to SuSe or LinSpire(especially if they will give me a deal since I couldnt upgrade to 5.0 in time...hint , hint) or Novell Desktop Linux when 10.0 is available. I really dont see what all the fuss is about Kubuntu is other than free. I really wish the Linux community would support each other more than bash its own kind like it does. You guys and gals are like fighting sisters that really exasperates me as I get older. Encouragement, support and yes show up at Desktop Linux will be better in the long run than bickering over trivality.

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RE: Linspire Show
by Moulinneuf on Wed 15th Feb 2006 02:07 in reply to "Linspire Show"
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I used a Lada 1971 in 1982 and it whas a piece of crap , so I whent back to B.M.W. ( Bus metro walk ) , then in 2004 I bought myself a 2004 CRV , WOW ! really WOW , I am never going back ever ...

I also think that car makers should all suport each others , because you know they are car makers and if someone buy a LADA it looks bad on them.

Apply comment to all industry.

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