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Mac OS X It seems like flee-in-Apple's-fur, cracker 'Maxxuss', has succeeded in cracking Mac OS 10.4.4 for Intel. "We were just about to hunker down and wait through the cold winter and a wet spring until we saw some results on the OS X 10.4.4 for Intel hacking efforts, but it looks like we're getting a little Valentines present from 'Maxxuss' who has already broken through Apple's heightened security that is present in their shipping version of the OS. It's just a preliminary release, not all hardware is supported and it requires a bit of futzing around to get it to work, but seeing as we weren't expecting this kind of breakthrough this early, we really can't complain."
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Whether you click "agree" or not doesn't matter in any legal way.

You might say "I agree" to a gangster, but that doesn't bind you legally when forced to accept a law-breaking deal.

You might say "I agree" to an EULA for some software, but that doesn't bind you legally when forced to accept a law-breaking EULA.

However, I like the fact you won't break the someone's rules while staying in their house. That's a nice side of your personality ;)

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First a small nitpick: there is no such thing as 'Holland'. My country is called the Netherlands. There are two provinces with the name 'Holland' in them-- Northern-Holland and Southern-Holland. But anyway.

Whether you click "agree" or not doesn't matter in any legal way.

As I already said about 2894291 times, to me it does not matter whether or not it is legal or not. I'm getting tired of typing the same over and over again, so here is a c/p:

"You are not getting it. I *understand* all this might be allowed by law. But, as I already said, I don't care. Do you do everything just because the law allows you to?

When I'm throwing a party, I might come to an agreement with my neighbour that my friends are allowed to park their cars on his driveway. Now, I'd be pretty pissed off if in the middle of the party he starts kicking all the cars off of his driveway-- even though he is legally perfectly allowed to do so. Apparantlly, people like yourself would not be pissed off at all- you neighbour has done nothing illegal, so why care?

When I use an Apple, Microsoft, or any other product which comes with a contract, then I have an agreement with that company. And as such, I will try my best to adhere to that agreement, whether the law forces me to or not. It's not because I like those companies; it's because I have an agreement. Just like I had with my neighbour.

And I'd be pretty pissed off if everyone were to just break agreements because they are not legally binding. What a world we'd live in."


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Whatever... when the forced agreement is lawbreaking I don't mind breaking it.

Look at it this way. You buy a car, and the manufacturer tells you, you will be prosecuted if you buy food from Lidl, and that you're only allowed to buy food from Aldi.

Now that's an unreasonable demand, and something I'd break for sure. But hey, I'm danish - freedom above anything.

And the english name is Holland as well as The Netherlands. Just like there is two names in Danish. Holland and Nederlandene. Just to be a small nitpick ;)

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