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Gnome The second point release of the stable 2.10.x branch of GNOME is now officially released. This release has seen continued work to eliminate memory leaks, plain bugs and in general improve and polish the stable series of GNOME. Source: bindings, desktop, platform.
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RE: Gnome bloat and is slow
by Mystilleef on Thu 7th Jul 2005 19:18 UTC in reply to "Gnome bloat and is slow"
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I'm sorry both C and C++ are ewil programming languages. And both are horrible for designing and authoring desktop applications.

That been said, GTK+ is a fabulous well documented object oriented graphic user interface API. If you are not convinced, you only need to take a look at the number of applications written with it. Go ahead. Have a look at sourceforge, freshmeat, gnomefiles and friends. If you are still not convinced, you need help.

The fun with GTK+, or programming in general, begins when you use dynamic, expressive and productive high level bindings like Python. The PyGTK binding is particular is a wonder. The productivity gains is nothing short of amazing. I can now actually focus on iterative testing, prototyping and design, as opposed to fiddling with constructs, syntax, semantics and long compilation times ending with compiler errors.

The GTK+ team have done an astounding job. After playing with the likes of Glib and GObject, you'd wonder why we need bloated and complex C++. No offense, but only masochists code desktop applications in C and C++, given how mature the higher level dynamic bindings are for GTK+, especially Python.

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RE[2]: Gnome bloat and is slow
by on Thu 7th Jul 2005 19:36 in reply to "RE: Gnome bloat and is slow"
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I think design an language by the programmer isn't the programmer's role and they havn't this time and ability(and what about if they lost the interesting?).the c++ is a general abstract and be support in compiler ,but what's the gtk+and gobject?They can only reinvent the wheel and less be suit in other use

the c++ take almost 20 years's evolution and more mature and have standard.what the gtk+ and gobject can do.

don't see any big property soft use the python binding

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RE[3]: Gnome bloat and is slow
by on Thu 7th Jul 2005 20:03 in reply to "RE[2]: Gnome bloat and is slow"
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First, before debating about programming language, try to be understood by improving your written english skill. It is barely readable.
Second, do you asume that gtk is purely object oriented ?
Sure C isn't semantically ans conceptualy an OOL butbut GObject, while being written in C, implements every OO concepts you have in a "real" OOL : classes/instances, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces ...
Sure, the syntax in pure C isnt as intuitive and integrated as in languages like C++ or Java .. But, as said before, there are bindingq for C++ (gtkmm), for java (java-gnome), for C# (gtk#) and many others ...(hum python and ruby ;) )
So i dont see your point. Don't repeat blindly what some stupid Qt/Wx/Wathever zealots are saying.

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I did not really understand your reply. But from what I can decipher, you seem to be errorneously comparing a programming language to an API framework.

C++ is a programming language. GTK+ is a GUI API framework. Glib is an API framework for C that provides useful utility and wrapper functions not available in C, but found in mordern languages. GObject is an object-oriented API framework founded on Glib. GTK+ is the object-oriented GUI API framework founded on both Glib and GObject.

Now, the difference between writing an application in a pure language like C++ as opposed to using an API like Glib/GObject/GTK+, is like the difference between night and day. You are eons more productive using a specialized, robust, well-tested library written by talented and experienced hackers and experts, than rewriting everything from scratch in C++.

Also API programming is totally different from pure C++ programming. For some weird reason, you seem to think GTK+ is programming language, when it is really a GUI framework designed with portability and easy bindings to higher level languages, like Python. These are things C++ majorly suck at, when compared to C.

In addition, C++ can't do anything remarkable that can't be done in any other language, talk less of an API like GObject or GTK+. In fact, C++ does not have a standard GUI library. So it can't do what GTK+ can. Except you are silly enough to rewrite a GUI library from scratch. C++ is also a horrible, complex and distasteful programming language to weild.

I seen more C++ project go sour than I've witnessed for any other language including C. I can count the number of large successful C++ projects on both hands. So much for C++ evolution and maturity that in this day and age we still have to battle memory corruptions, leaks, overflows, underflows, and an assorted array of security vulnerabilities both known and unknown. My friend, both C and C++ suck! However, there are some very well designed and powerful APIs that can bring life back to those languages, and GTK+ is one of them.

Finally, in the free software world, we don't judge the success of a project by how many big proprietary softwares use its product, but rather by how many free software products are designed and authored using the product. With that in mind, the link below points to fabulous applications writing in Python using the GNOME technologies and GTK+.

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