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Novell and Ximian Novell plans to release a beta for its Linux Desktop 10 including new features offering better interoperability with Microsoft Office and Open Office, said Ted Haeger, Novell's director of user communities, at the Southern California Linux Expo. The beta, tentatively scheduled for release next month, will include a new feature, dubbed Xgl. Haeger said Xgl will allow users to jump between screens and multiple desktops. Targeted to CAD software users, Xgl has a practical side that allows users to have better window- and file-sharing capabilities.
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minimum requirements
by jaylaa on Thu 16th Feb 2006 00:46 UTC
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Anyone know what the minimum requirements for all that xgl/compiz goodness is?

The way it's being talked about it seems like this stuff is going to be in a default installation. Which would seem odd if you need a fancy graphics card for it.

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RE: minimum requirements
by rayiner on Thu 16th Feb 2006 00:55 in reply to "minimum requirements"
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It seemed to run fine when I tried it on my P4 laptop (geforce4 MX 440 with 64MB VRAM). That's a three year old machine, so that seems reasonable. However, it was quite unstable and resizing was very slow. I'm sure the stability will improve, but I don't have high hopes for resizing to get fixed without significant improvements to the underlying memory allocator.

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RE: minimum requirements
by thebluesgnr on Thu 16th Feb 2006 01:32 in reply to "minimum requirements"
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The great thing about Xgl is that it actually speeds up things. The only requirement from the hardware is a video card with decent OpenGL accel support.

Driver information is available here:

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halfmanhalfamazing Member since:

----------The great thing about Xgl is that it actually speeds up things.---------------

That's what's supposed to happen when you involve *ANOTHER PROCESSOR* in whatever it is that you're doing. In this case, you're utilizing that GPU alot more and offloading the processing job away from the CPU.

Interesting that the 3d desktop coming to vista slows things down, as a point of reference.

Apple's(to my knowledge) will also speed things up. Does MS even care anymore?

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RE: minimum requirements
by aent on Thu 16th Feb 2006 02:57 in reply to "minimum requirements"
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Based on the testing with my hardware, the lowest hardware it will run on decently is NVIDIA GeForce 2 Video card with a Pentium 3 processor (this is with a lot of affects disabled, but also some enabled). Most people should have that already.

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