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Tomasz Dominikowski
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You're wrong there Adam. SkyOS doesn't own its mass of reach to GTK. In fact we must have the most terrible GTK port on Earth. It's barely usable and dead slow. Robert "hates" GTK. Fortunately, now that we have Mono and Cairo ported, there's an open road for a much better GTK port.

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Adam S Member since:

Massive reach - to be clear, wasn't about the audience. It was a comment about the immediate availability of several familiar applications.

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Tomasz Dominikowski Member since:

Ah, thanks for clearing this up, now that I listen to it once again I have no idea how did I come up with "mass of reach". You're right there then. Gaim, GIMP, Blender, AbiWord. These applications were immidiately available, but now they're barely working. We're looking to replace them with native applications or better ports. For example we already have Pixel, which should replace GIMP completely. A native XMPP/Jabber client is in the works (will replace Gaim), etc.

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