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Peace offer meet reality
by Moulinneuf on Thu 16th Feb 2006 07:09 UTC
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Peace offer :

For the good of all man Kind lets all stop this fighting about OS , lets all put aside our difference and lets all get back to basic and make the best software , sharing the source code among all platform and make device driver for all.

YES RIGHT !!!! Like GNU/Linux will be followed in its step by the thief , liar and traitor.

Basically , Microsoft and Apple built on top of nice people technology who believed that everyone whas going to share back , BSD is all but extinct because of that , its not extinct because GNU/Linux came on to the scene its extinct because they where already removed the right to improve upon what they built because people like to take advantage of others. Why use BSD and support it when MAC OS X is BSD ? why support it when Windows already improve upon it ?

Where is OS/2 ? Hey , it whas a joint venture between IBM and Microsoft who Microsoft made a closed fork.

Who closed BEOS and all the others access to hardware platform ? the Company behind them who only care about bottom line income and not about making a better system for there users and community. Microsoft who made exclusive deal forbiding the possibility of dual systems.

Why Because they could take advantage of license and there leading position. So basically people fight first for survival , also because they dont whant a repeat of the past. Well those who know what there talking about.

People restist change and are afraid of change , its normal human nature. People will fight new things they dont understand and feel are trageting there way of life.

There is also the lies and insult and harassment that moderator let people spread.

GNU/Linux is communist. GNU/Linux is a religion , GNU/Linux is built by geek in there basements , GNU/Linux dont make money , GNU/Linux dont have the software I need. GNU/Linux is a black console with nothing more. GNU/Linux is a server OS.

All the above are GNU/Linux qualicative and are all lies and insult to many.

Do we like fighting ? Personnaly no , but its a necessity , for survival. If you dont fight and support what you do , it will die/disapear.

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RE: Peace offer meet reality
by chekr on Thu 16th Feb 2006 07:21 in reply to "Peace offer meet reality"
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I think you may be taking your software a little bit too seriously ;)

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Moulinneuf Member since:

"I think "

No , you dont ;-)

"you may be taking your software a little bit too seriously"

Of course I do , whats the point of coming to OSnews if
you dont ?

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